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Anthony Gahan has over 35 years of investment banking and business experience which he applies when advising on M&A, equity and debt transactions and on the boards of companies in Chairman or non-executive director roles.


Anthony is a co-founder of Wyvern Partners, the London based investment banking advisory firm.  Prior to Wyvern, he held senior executive and board roles at Lehman Brothers and Robert Fleming & Co. Limited.


Anthony founded London based IPSX Group, the world's only regulated stock exchange for investment grade real estate.


Anthony is an Executive Fellow at King’s Business School (King’s College London) and is its Private Equity Module lead.   

Thought Leadership - Disruption & Impact

Whilst he has had direct experience of many industries throughout his career, Anthony has a particular passion for “disruption” (specifically businesses that disrupt markets with technology and/or with new business models). 


Disruption requires adoption in its target markets - which is nearly always the biggest challenge - and which therefore requires not just early adopters to lead change for the better but also adoption by the "early majority" - who need help to make the leap.  Anthony's thought leadership and podcasts seek to encourage this leap.


Impact by purpose led businesses is a high priority for Anthony - particularly where disruption is also involved  and is reflected in his banking client base as well as his thought leadership focus.

Anthony is an alumnus of King’s College London (Modern Languages) and the London Business School.  

He is fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

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