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IPSX - Reimagining Real Estate Investment

Anthony is the founder of London based IPSX, the world's only regulated stock exchange dedicated to real estate.


IPSX offers all types of investors access to a unique and transformational form of investment grade real estate ownership - essentially changing a highly regarded (but alternative, illiquid and specialist asset) into a mainstream asset class with regulation, transparency, liquidity and market driven live pricing.


IPSX is one of only six stock exchanges designated as a Recognised Investment Exchange by the UK's  Financial Conduct Authority. 


Despite having the same "gold standard" regulatory approvals, financial markets connectivity and mainstream banking/trading counterparties as the world's conventional equity exchanges, it differs by its investment focus and form. 


Companies admitted to trading on IPSX will only own a single real estate asset or multiple assets with commonality which delivers two key features which are not replicated on generic markets:

  • a level of transparency in relation to the underlying real estate cash income and growth which allows investors to value the company based on their assessment of cash/capital delivery risk together with the value contribution of the company's management (as opposed to traditional asset based valuation models often with "accounting returns");

  • de-correlation from the generic equity markets which are largely sector agnostic, accentuated by high levels of passive investment flows allocated to replicate market indices whereas IPSX issuers will only ever be benchmarked against other real estate companies.


IPSX therefore offers a public market proxy for direct real estate investment.

A new form of ownership for investment grade real estate - regulated, transparent, liquid and available to all types of investor. 

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